Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pulau Aur@Aur Island, Mersing.

Pulau Aur or Aur Island lies about 65 km east of Mersing, Johor, Malaysia. It is part of the Johor Marine Park. Caution!  You need to be in the boat for 3 to 5 hours to get here from Mersing jetty depending on the sea condition. So, I do recommend you to prepare a plastic bag if you one of the type that easily seasick just in case. It’s a long journey from the Mersing Jetty as the location of Pulau Aur is not preferable amongst the tourist but this place is so beautiful to describe with words plus with privacy if you love to enjoy the scenery with your beloved one.

I went to this island with my classmate and lecturers. It’s a class trip. To be honest, I never heard of this island name before even though I am Malaysian lol.. But I know that all islands in Mersing must be very beautiful. We were staying at Sebukang Bay Resort and below are the photo taken at the resort during the night.(

The Resort. Owh having a hard time showering and using washroom here. :P

But after we arrived, all of us were shock. The island and its surrounding are very beautiful and well preserve!!! The water is so clear and blue. There are a lot of sea life, coral and plus the resort are so close to the beach. You cannot really swim here.  It is great for snorkeling.

But for those who don’t know how to swim, like me, I recommend you to get to Pulau Dayang which is situated not far from Pulau Aur. There the beach is clearer and the sea sand is soft plus with a proper facilities. Below is the Pulau Dayang beach.

View from Aur Island jungle trekking. Love the water!!!! 

If you are nature, landscape or whatever type of photographer, you won't regret about the scenery about the island. :P.

The starry skies. Taken during our trip to aur island. Not enough time to capture star trails photography.

How to get there (from Kuala Lumpur):
-          From Kuala Lumpur Take North-South Highway, head south towards Johor (from KL or North). Exit at Ayer Hitam (exit 244) after toll gate (see - for road map), take a right turn at the traffic junction and head towards Kluang. Before entering Kluang town, there’s a roundabout, take 3 O’clock. Follow signs to Mersing or Route 3.
I recommend you to bring a lot of chocolate bars or any kind of food to get you more energy in the boat.

View from Dayang Island@Pulau Dayang

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